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SuperGrans asking for personal hygiene and cleaning product donations.

SuperGrans Tairawhiti is asking the community to donate personal hygiene and cleaning products for families living in hardship. People can drop off items like soap, shampoo, washing liquid and laundry powder to the trust or donate a “house cleaning bundle” through SuperGrans DonorBox. SuperGrans Tairawhiti office manager Tiffany Zyp says the trust receives referrals for kai parcels from over 54 organisations. “Referrers will often make special requests for personal hygiene items and cleaning products which we don't normally stock unless we receive ‘rescued' items from supermarkets. “Those are random cleaning products that have been damaged instore so they become unsaleable and they are donated to us. “But as we can't rely on these being received regularly we need to keep a stock of essentials on hand in our food bank, which is why we put out the call on our Facebook page” Tiffany says the trust works closely with families living in hardship. It assists them with sustainable living and a part of that work includes home maintenance. “Feeding families comes first and when that is a struggle, non-essential items that are important but not urgent are the compromise families are making. “Cleaning and personal hygiene items are not accessible to everyone for that reason. Families are left to choose between being able to heat their homes, pay their rent, put petrol in their vehicles, buying food or buying cleaning products. “We can see what is at the bottom of the priority list.” SuperGrans Tairawhiti Trust general manager Linda Coulston says the trust is indebted to the local community who always respond to their call-outs for support. “We are always surprised and incredibly humbled at the readiness of the community to help out,” she said. To donate go to SuperGrans' Pitt Street base during opening hours or go online at

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